Platform overview and consultation

Potential new users are provided an overview of how the platform works and methodologies used in the lab.

All prospective users begin with a consultation to discuss their project plan and identify feasibility for use of the platform. Contact Lead Microengraving Specialist Shanu Mehta to schedule a consultation.

Nanowell devices

Users may purchase nanowell devices for use in their laboratories.

  • PDMS Standard configuration (1”x3” slide; 50 * 50 * 100 micron wells) for microengraving or imaging
  • SeqWell array (1”x3” slide; 50 * 50 * 65  micron wells) + membrane: includes a functionalized array and membrane; no beads (most common)
  • Ready to use SeqWell kits: includes a functionalized array and membrane, loaded with oligo beads
  • Functionalized SeqWell array: includes a functionalized array only; no membrane or beads (requires access to a plasma cleaner on the user's end)

SeqWell sample processing

The Core offers training and assisted use of the SeqWell platform. All users must set up a complimentary initial consultation to discuss project scope and feasibility for platform use. Contact Shanu Mehta to set up a consultation.

Single-cell retrieval

We use a robotic micromanipulator (CellCelector) for robust, high throughput single cell picking. The system offers bright field and fluorescence channels (DAPI, APC, PE), to aid in isolation based on expression of fluorescence markers or cell morphology. We offer in-depth user training for independent use of the system as well as fully staff-assisted use of equipment. (More details on equipment can be found here).


Users have access to the entire Microengraving process, materials and equipment. We offer in-depth training for users to learn each step of the technique or offer services to run the experiment with our expertise.

Laser Scanner for Slide Microarrays

The Genepix 4400 system from Molecular Devices is available to users for assisted use, training as well as independent use. 

Available lasers: Red, Blue, Green & Yellow (635, 488, 635a and 594nm).