Full Service (Assisted Basis)

  • High resolution analytical TEM imaging for chemical analysis using EDS, EELS and STEM.
  • Cryo-TEM imaging for elucidating the high resolution structure of radiation-sensitive specimens or cryo-preserved hydrated specimens.
  • SEM/FIB and cryo-SEM/FIB imaging with a focus on biologically relevant samples, including STEM and cryo-STEM analysis.
  • Cryo-fluorescence imaging.
  • CLEM - Correlative workflows between fluorescence and electron microscopy imaging.
  • Conventional chemical fixation and resin embedding of biological samples for EM.
  • Immuno-gold labeling.
  • Ultramicrotome and cryo-ultramicrotome sectioning.
  • Cryo sample preparation including: ethane plunge freezing, high pressure freezing, freeze fracture, freeze substitution.

Self Service (24/7 Access)

  • DLS: particle size characterization of biological macromolecular assemblies and nanoparticles from 0.5 – 1000 nm.
  • Nanoparticle counting and sizing.
  • Rheometer: analysis of liquid, suspension, slurry, or film specimen response to applied forces. Accessories include high temp oven, UV curing plate, and DMA tension clamp.
  • AFM: Specimen surface imaging and quantitative nanomechanical (QNM) characterization. Includes access to a liquid cell for measurements on hydrated samples.
  • High resolution SEM/FIB imaging of specimens with 3D reconstruction capability on the subcellular level.
  • High resolution TEM imaging.