Consultation and assistance

Initial consultation and basic assistance, experimental guidance, and image data processing is available for all imaging platforms at no cost to the investigator. Consultations are scheduled through iLab.


Training in the use of any imaging platform, including image acquisition and processing software, is available and required for all new users. Training requests are placed through iLab.  User fees may be found on the Pricing page.

Independent use of facility instruments

Most facility instruments are available for self-use after an initial training and orientation session provided by Core staff; scheduling is via iLab for each instrument. User fees may be found on the Pricing page.

Assisted work

Staff-conducted experimental work on investigator-submitted samples is available and requested through iLab. See details below for specific services:

Intravital imaging

Intravital imaging uses the multiphoton microscope to visualize tumors, host cells and metastatic sites at the single cell level in live animals. It can also be used to image fluorescent nanoparticles in tissues and tumors. Collagen can be imaged by second harmonic generated light.

Fees are based on the scope of work established during initial consultation. For inquiries or consultation, contact Jeff Wyckoff, Intravital Imaging Specialist.