Two Evo 150 Liquid Handling Decks In Baker Hood (HEPA) Enclosures

  • Small molecule library arraying and cherry picking
  • Automated cell plating, administration and removal of compounds via integrated automated CO2 incubator

Integrated Robotic Automated Assay Platform

  • Tecan Evo 150 liquid handling deck for compound and reagent delivery
  • BioTek 406 plate washer (cell plating and washing, ELISA-type assays)
  • Automated microplate centrifuge
  • Integrated with Tecan M1000 Plate Reader, Arrayscan Screening Microscope (see below for details)

Tecan M1000 Plate Reader

  • Flexible wavelength selection from UV to NIR
  • Absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence intensity (top and bottom reading), TRF, TR-FRET, fluorescence polarization
  • AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA technology
  • NanoQuant Plate compatibility for nucleic acid quantification

Arrayscan Screening Microscope 

  • LED Light Engine designed for high performance excite blue (e.g. Hoechst), green (e.g. FITC, GFP), orange red (e.g. TRITC), deep red (e.g.. Texas Red), and long red (e.g. Cy5) fluorochromes

Intellicyt iQue High Throughput Flow Cytometer

  • Low volume, high speed flow cytometer for single tube, 96 or 384-well plates
  • 2 excitation lasers with 4 simultaneous collection filters
  • Read times as low as 5 minutes per 96-well plate using volumes as little as 1µL

Spex Geno/Grinder 2010

  • Automated high-throughput tissue homogenizer and cell lyser

MilliporeSigma SNAP I.D. High Speed Western Blot Detection System

Bl2+ Lentiviral shRNA Screening Platform

  • BL2+ cell culture hoods and 4 HeraCell incubators
  • Tecan Evo 150 liquid handling deck for cell plating and lentiviral manipulation
  • Enclosed robotics platform for packaging, manipulation and screening of lentiviral shRNA (RNAi) vectors integrated with a Liconic incubator for storage after cell plating