Small Molecule Libraries

The High Throughput Sciences Core currently has a collection of approximately 2700 commercially available, annotated, targeted compounds, including a comprehensive set of approved oncology therapeutics, FDA approved compounds, natural products, and epigenetics libraries. Additionally, we offer a library of 50,000 novel chemical entities (NCEs) that explores a diversity of stereochemical and structural parameters. The HTS Core has also partnered with academic chemistry research groups that have provided preliminary screening decks and opportunity for collaboration, including chemistry follow-up.

Genomic Perturbation Libraries

  • Lentiviral shRNA library targeting 2600 human genes, addressing oncology- relevant targets and pathways
  • 3 hairpins per gene, each with documented potent knockdown activity
  • CRISPR sgRNA library for all protein-coding mouse genes, ~2200 total genes
    • Divided into 48 pools based on the KEGG terms
    • 3 guides per gene

We are currently working with vendors to procure additional compounds to meet the needs of our researchers. For example, we plan to acquire a similar CRISPR sgRNA library for human genes. For the most up-to-date library information, please contact Jaime Cheah.