The Hope Babette Tang (1983) Histology Facility at the Koch Institute at MIT is available to researchers interested in producing quality frozen, paraffin, or resin sections of a wide variety of samples, including mammalian tissue, zebrafish, bacteria, and some implantable devices/plastics.

We are happy to meet with any interested individuals to discuss ways in which we can assist ongoing or future projects. After submitting your request through iLab, please bring your specimen to the Facility. See Core Access for guidance on iLab registration.

Please contact the Histology core to schedule time for consultation and for a tour of the Tang Histology Facility, located in Building 76, Room 182 (x8-8183). 

Services offered:

  • Paraffin processing and embedding
  • Frozen sectioning
  • Resin sectioning 
  • H & E staining
  • Immunostaining
  • Special staining
  • Digital whole slide scanning and software access
  • Leica VT1000S vibratome and McIlwain tissue chopper (independent use)
  • Microtome and cryostat training and independent use.